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Balance: Adding drawstrings

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The Balance pattern started out as a staple shirt pattern featuring a fun v-neck neckline and hood, but during testing seveal more options were added. 
Guest blogger Cathryn is here to show us a drawstring hack she added to the hood options.  This hack can be done on both the standard and oversized hood options.
For this hack you will need grommets or a sewing machine with buttonhole capabilities, a small piece of light to medium weight interfacing, and drawstrings.  You can use premade drawstrings or make your own.
Follow directions in the tutorial to construct the hood and then press the hood facing fabric with wrong sides together.  Open the hood facing flat and then refold it along the short ends with right sides together.  
Place facing along side front of hood, lining up fold of facing with center seam at top of hood.


Hood, hood facing, and interacing

Line your ruler up with the fold of the facing and measure 2 inches above the bottom edge of the hood.  Mark facing 1” from fold. 
Flip facing and repeat on other side, mirroring your mark. 
Cut two 1” squares of light to medium weight interfacing, and iron well over the marks. 
This is where you will place your grommets or buttonholes.  If making buttonholes be sure you sew them parallel to the fold edge. You will only sew through one layer of fabric.
Now you need to make the casing for your drawstrings.
Stitch 1/2 inch from folded edge of the facing.  Make a second row of stitches 1 inch from the raw edge. I stitch the entire length of the facing.
Optionally, you can begin stitching 1 inch below your buttonhole/grommet, continue sewing across the width of the hood facing until you reach the opposite buttonhole/grommet.  Stitch 1 inch past the opposite sides buttonhole/grommet, pivot and sew beneath the buttonhole/grommet, then pivot again to sew up the other side of the facing.  Continue stitching and pivot again to finish stitching to where you began. The blue marks in the picture below show where that would be.
Continue with the tutorial, being sure that you’re putting gromments/buttonholes right sides together when matching hood with hood facing. 
When the hood is attached, thread your drawstring through the grommet/buttonhole.
I opted to make my own drawstring with coordinating farbic.  I cut a fabric strip 1 1/4” wide and about 15” longer than my hood facing. Fold fabric along the long edge with right sides together and sew the long edge with 1/4 inch seam allowance.  You can use a point turner or a safety pin to turn your drawstring right side out. Use the same safety pin to thread your cord through your button hole or grommet, through your hood facing, and out the other button hole. Tie a knot in each end and you’re done! 
Unleashed patterns Balance finished drawstring hood

You can grab your copy of the Balance pattern here! 
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