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Empowered: Crop Top Hack

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We have a guest blogger today!  Maria is going to show us how to make a crop top using the newly released Empowered pattern from Unleashed Patterns.    Welcome Maria and thanks for sharing your hack!  

In today's blog I'm going to show you how to turn your Empowered into a reversible crop top/bralette! I used an earlier version of the bodice from testing for this, so the final fit is slightly different.

1. Follow the pattern instructions to the point where you've attached your waistband. Your bodice will look like this:
2. Either serge your waistband seams, or iron them under. I did one of each, folding both under by 0.5". 
3. After both sides are finished to your preference, pin or clip across the waistband so you have no raw seams or unfinished fabric exposed 
4. Take your bodice to your sewing machine, and using your preferred stretch stitch, stitch your waistband closed. I used a zig zag stitch. Make sure all of your threads and fabric get tucked in as you stitch!
5. When you're done, you will have no exposed seams! 


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