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More hacks for Persistent

Wow what a fun release week this has been!  I don't think we've ever seen so many hacks on a newly released pattern but we are loving all the creativity. 

Yesterday we posted about the full zip hack to make Persistent a jacket.  Today we have a few more hacks to share with you that are fun and super easy.

In a previous post we showed you how to skip the zipper and still attach the hood or collar.  Well what about attaching a neckband instead?  Yes you can do that too!  Generally speaking neckbands are about 85% of the neck opening on a garment.  However, some fabrics types need a little more or a little less length.  I find athletic fabrics need more because the higher lycra/spandex content pulls and causes puckering if it's cut too short.  

Krys made this persistent a super quick sew by skipping the zipper and pockets and finishing with a neckband.  It looks amazing and we love the colors and contrasting fabrics.

Persistent neckband

Christina skipped the band and hemmed the bodice of Persistent. 

persistent hemmed

We also love the use of one fabric versus colorblocking. It really does give the pattern a different look and the pockets are almost hidden until you put your hands in them. 

Jessica also opted to hem the bodice.  This is also an easy way to remove length from the pattern.  Remember if your side seam measures 8" but the bodice is a little too long for you, you can always remove extra length from the hem.  

 Hemmed with pockets

Jessica still added the pockets and as you can see they are still plenty big and definitely functional.

I wanted a slightly different hood style so I grabbed the hood from the Fearless pattern.  To cut down on the amount of fabric used and to add a contrast, I only cut 1 set of mirror images of the hood pieces and adding a facing.

I sewed the hood pieces together and then measured the length of the front.

I then cut a strip of fabric that was 3" wide and length is the same as the hood front. 

 Fold facing in half wrong sides together and press. 

Align raw edges of facing to raw edges of hood and sew using a stretch stitch or serger.  Topstitching is optional.   

Attach to neck opening as usual.  crossover hood

Which is your favorite hack?  Have other ideas?  We hope you'll share them with us in the Facebook group.

Today is the last day to grab the Persistent pattern at the new release price of $6.  

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