Persistent Full Zip Hack

We are back with another hack on the Persistent Quarter Zip pullover pattern. 

Why stop at quarter zip when you do a full zipper and make it into a jacket? 

Full zip persistent jacket from unleashed patterns

Lizzy from Des and Dell did just that and I must say it turned out AMAZING!  Lizzy was kind enough to take photos of her hack and we are sharing them with you today.

For this hack you'll need a separating zipper as well as lightweight interfacing like SF101.  A 30" length zipper was used here but you might need a shorter or longer zip depending on size and height.

Cut out your pattern pieces.  The only difference is you will cut the front bodice as mirror images instead of on the fold.

cut out fabric for persistent full zip hack

If adding pockets, attach them to front side pieces and then assemble the front and back bodices. 

Stitch front and back bodices together at shoulder seams.

Assembled bodice of persistent


Take your waistband and fold it in half wrong sides together.  Press.

Fold waistband of persistent

Attach waistband to bodice with right sides together.  Raw edges of waistband should be aligned with raw edges of the bodice.  Stitch using a stretch stitch or serger.

Attach waistband to bodice right sides together


Press waistband seam up.

Optional: topstich seam

Optional topstitch

Apply interfacing to wrong side of front bodice.  You'll need to interface the full length of front bodice.  Lizzy cut her interfacing 1/2" in width.  

Apply interfacing to full length of front bodice

Remember the neckline seam should be pressed up so it is hidden when you attach the collar/hood lining.

Neckline seam pressed up

Sew zipper to one side of front bodice.  Your bodice should be right side up and your zipper face down. 

Zipper face down on bodice

Before sewing the other side of the zipper, make a mark at the seam where the bodice and collar/hood meet....

Mark to align other side of zipper

And another mark where the bodice and waistband meet.  This will help make sure your bodice pieces are aligned when you attach the other side of the zipper.

Use pins/clips to attach other side of zipper to front bodice.  You can also use wonder tape here to help hold the pieces in place.  Make sure your neck/bodice and bodice/waistband seams line up with the marks you made on the zipper.

Sew to attach remaining side of zipper.

Zip up zipper to check bodice alignment.  

Continue with the original tutorial to attach the collar/hood lining.

Here is the finished jacket!


This gorgeous fabric is from Emerald Curtain Fabric

Check out the stripe matching on the pockets and side front

What are you hiding in your pocket Lizzy? 

 There's still time to grab your copy of Persistent for $6.

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