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Persistent as a no Zip Pullover

Pattern Hack Pattern Modification

We just released the Persistent Quarter Zip Pullover pattern and our testers have already 'hacked' it up to give it even more options. 

I know some people just want a quick sew pattern and others do not want to sew a zipper, so in this post I'll give a quick overview of what to do if you want to skip installing a zipper.  

The hood is normally cut as mirror images so there is a seam at the center front for the zipper, but we no longer need that seam.  Fold the fabric over just enough for your hood piece to fit.  Place the main pattern piece so it hangs over the fold by 3/8".  Cut 1 hood on the fold for main and another on the fold for the lining.  Use your MAIN hood pattern piece when cuttinf fabric for both main and lining hood pieces in this modification. The lining piece is longer so there is enough fabric to cover the seam when installing the zipper.  Since we are skipping the zipper, we do not need that extra bit of fabric. 

Folded fabric with hood pattern piece 3/8 inch over the folded edge
Stitch the top of the main and lining hood pieces with a stretch stitch or serger.
Sew top of hood main and lining
Place main fabric inside lining fabric with right sides together.  Stitch layers together around the front opening with a stretch stitch or serger.
Turn assembled hood fabric so both layers are right sides out.   
You can now attach the hood to your bodice.  That's it!
Check out how awesome this looks.  

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